23 September 2009

New Blog: Never Again!

"Never Again! An Online Holocaust Memorial" is a new blog written by Chris, who lives in Indiana.

What's interesting about this particular Holocaust-focused blog is that Chris is not Jewish. Here is his introduction:

Welcome to my new blog. I am a Gentile Christian who was not directly effected by the Jewish Holocaust. However, I had relatives who fought valiantly for the Allied cause, including my paternal grandfather. I am forever grateful to Grandpa Doyle and America’s “Greatest Generation” for their bravery in defending freedom. Likewise, I am grateful for the untold masses who were spared execution in Nazi-controlled Europe.

That said, I have dedicated the last year and a half to Holocaust research, devouring every book or video I could check out at the local library. I have subjected my wife to countless hours of documentaries and heated discussions about the unspeakable atrocities we call The Holocaust. And in January 2009, I took her and my two young children to the CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute (IN) where we celebrated the 75th birthday of Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor.

Since my introduction to Eva, thanks to her video "Forgiving Dr. Mengele," I have researched The Holocaust with increased vigor, trying to find a way that I might help to ensure that it never happens again. Then, I picked up Abraham Foxman’s book "Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism" and realized that education is the only means to that end. Therefore, I present this blog as a lasting memorial to the 6-million-plus who suffered and died nearly two generations ago.

Visit Chris's blog at the link above.


  1. this is too cool! thank you for introducing my blog to your readers...i especially got a kick out of the "listen now" feature!


  2. Hi, Chris. A good job should get credit! Glad you like the ODIOGO feature. Thank you for your work.


  3. hey schelly, just checking back in...i posted a review of eva's book echoes from auschwitz this week...when you get a minute, check it out...thanks again!