12 August 2009

What's your definition of a good week?

Tracing the Tribe is doing the Happy Dance!

Following a great week at the fantastic Philly 2009 conference (thanks to the JGS of Greater Philadelphia and an excellent program), it only got better.

First, my new "lost" glasses arrived in New York on Tuesday. Now I can see again!

Then there was this great story on JTA focusing on how technology is transforming genealogy research.

That was followed by reading one of many Google alerts received yesterday. It informed me that Tracing the Tribe had earned a mention in today's New York Times' story on the Alien Registration Files (page A12, August 12, 2009).


Should I be buying lottery tickets?


  1. Schelly,
    Congratulations! I read the Times article in the wee hours after Thomas twitted the news. (See how insomnia can keep one in the know?) I'm not sure about a lottery ticket, but I would definitely make a souffle.

  2. That's wonderful!! I think a lottery ticket is definitely in order.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and even though I don't have Jewish ancestry (that I'm aware of) I always find good "nuggets" of helpful info here.

    Thanks! (and be sure to let us all know when you've won the lottery)