22 August 2009

Sharing more than a zipcode

Who are we really? National Geographic Channel's new DNA show attempts to answer this one with "The Human Family Tree," to air in North America on August 30. I'm trying to track down when it might be shown elsewhere.

Kevin Bacon narrates as some 200 random people in Astoria, Queens (New York) provide cheek scrapes and are traced via their DNA.

On a single day on a single street, with the DNA of just a couple of hundred random people, National Geographic Channel sets out to trace the ancestral footsteps of all humanity. Narrated by Kevin Bacon, The Human Family Tree travels to one of the most diverse corners of the world -- Queens, N.Y. -- to demonstrate how we all share common ancestors who embarked on very different journeys. Regardless of race, nationality or religion, all of us can trace our ancient origin back to the cradle of humanity, East Africa.

What did our collective journey look like, and where did it take your specific ancestors?

At what point in our past did we first cross paths with the supposed strangers living in our neighborhood?

Now, in The Human Family Tree, the people of this quintessential American melting pot find out that their connections go much deeper than a common ZIP code.
There are a series of short video clips of people spotlighted in the episode. Unfortunately, each clip starts with an insurance company ad, which you'll have to sit through to see the clip. Usually there's a "skip this ad" on similar sites, but not here. The clips are worth it, however, so enjoy!

FamilyTreeDNA.com does the testing for the National Geographic Project.

For more information on the episode, click here.

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