29 August 2009

Planning ahead: Gifts for genealogists

JMK offers gifts carrying quirky sayings that only a genealogist could love.

If you're looking for something to hit your genealogy spot and funny bone at the same time, take a look.

The latest T-shirt, mug, tote bag, note cards, mousepad or whatever features "Dating Tips for Genealogists." Socially-challenged family historians might appreciate these hints.

- The cemetery is not a normal rendezvous point for a first date.

- Making the observation that your date’s soundex code is K564 is unlikely to impress them.

- If your date likes you enough to reveal their date of birth, do not ask for an independent source of proof.

- When driving your date home after dinner, do not take a "romantic detour" via the local history center.

- Resist the temptation to wear a t-shirt that says "I love dead folks" or "I feel happiest in graveyards."

- To aid recognition on a blind date, wear a bright flower or carry a copy of a well known newspaper. Do not carry a copy of "Olafson's illustrated guide to the Swedish cemeteries of Illinois."

And, there's always the old favorite: "Genealogists party like 'twas 1799."

Check out JMK's blog and its archives for many other ideas.

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