01 August 2009

Philly 2009: Game show night, August 4

Who said genealogists don't know how to have fun?

Calling all groyse machers, alter kockers, yentas, balabustas and mavens to the Jewish Genealogical Game Show Night, at 8.30pm, Tuesday, August 4, produced by Pamela Weisberger and Ron Arons.
Hosted by the always-hilarious and wildly-inappropriate, Jordan Auslander,
this will be an evening of entertainment in which conference attendees can
demonstrate their genealogical knowledge, historical acumen and research
skills by participating in game show formats adapted to the world of Jewish
genealogy, including: "Jewpardy," "Family Feud" and "Name that Jew!"

We will have Litvaks squaring off against Galitzianers, Ashkenazis versus
Sephardim, and experts versus amateurs, demonstrating how much they know and how much they like showing off how much they know.
The surprises and prizes will range from a genuine Golem clay figurine from Prague (made in Japan, no doubt); autographed books including "Talk Dirty Yiddish," "Chanukah Guilt" and "Jewish Fairytales;" tea named after your Uncle Irving; Bernie Madoff souvenirs; Soviet-style Polish candies that Bubbe used to make back in the shtetl; MP3 players with Jewish tunes, designer T-shirts for the 2010 IAJGS conference (be the first on your block!) and more.

Want to participate? Just put your name in the shtreimel. Contestants will be chosen at random that evening. The producers are also seeking contestants for the following Family Feud teams: Galitzianer, Litvak, Ashkenazi and Sephardic. Email Pamela Weisberger now to be categorized and take your shot at stardom.
Even if you can't yet talk dirty in Yiddish, can't tell an Ahnentafel from a Gedcom, and don't know if your first cousin twice removed is closer to you than your third cousin once removed, come to have fun, be enlightened, show off your chutzpah, and laugh out loud.
See you on Tuesday night!

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