19 August 2009

More Jewish genetic testing: More articles

Tracing the Tribe spotlighted the Los Angeles launch of a Persian Jewish genetic testing program here.

For those interested in Persian Jewish genetic testing, here's another article on the Cedars-Sinai program from The Forward, which just published its annual Genetics Issue.

There's also The Other Jewish Genetic Diseases which discusses Sephardic conditions, subtitled "With Ashkenazic Disorders Getting All the Attention, America’s Sephardic Jews Often Lack Specialized Screening Programs." See the separate Tracing the Tribe posting on that article.

The 2009 Genetics issue also includes the following:
For Four Decades, a Doctor’s Legacy of Life
Gaucher Patients Cope With Drug Shortage, as New Treatments Beckon
Israeli Scientist Adapts Antibiotic That May Fight Genetic Disease
New Niemann-Pick Mouse Engineered
In Jewish Genetic History, the Known Unknowns
In Druze Genes, a Look Back at the Distant Past
After Late-Onset Tay-Sachs Trial Is Pulled, Parents Pull Together
Plaintiffs in Breast Cancer Gene Suit Hope To Overturn Patent Policy
Living With LOTS, S.F. Woman Won’t Let Disease Win
New Program Targets Persian Jewish Disorders
Daughter Inspires Dad’s Quest for Cure
Annual Guide to Jewish Genetic Diseases
These articles offer readers information that may be personally valuable.

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