17 August 2009

Film Festival: Ordering a film

At the conference, several people asked me how to order a film they had seen at the Philly 2009 Film Festival, and I referred them to festival coordinator Pam Weisberger, who has provided the following information.

When contacting a distributor, make sure to tell them where you are located (US or elsewhere). Some films are not available in NTSC (US format). If they are in PAL (used elsewhere), they must be viewed on a computer or special multi-region DVD player.

NOTE: Pam asks readers to remember that if they want to hold a public screening for any kind of group or genealogical society - no matter how small the audience and informal the setting or despite the fact that no admission will be charged - they must get permission from the filmmaker or the distributor. In many cases, an often-negotiable fee must be paid, but some filmmakers may agree to allow screening for free. Owning a copy of a DVD does not give anyone the right to screen it for an audience in a public setting.

Some films are now available through Netflix or Amazon; others can be obtained only through the filmmakers or distributors.

- Abraham and Eugenia: Stories from Jewish Cuba www.bonnieburt.com/

- Against the Tide
www.moriahfilms.com/ Ashley Green

- Bashert Richard Kollins

- Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh www.blessedisthematch.com

- Captain László Ocskay, The Forgotten Hero Dan Danieli

- Defiance - Purchase on Amazon, or Netflix. To screen for a group: Swank Motion Pictures

- Echoes of a Ghost Minyan

- From Philadelphia to the Front www.brandeis.edu/jewishfilm Juliet Burch -

- Genealogy Goes to the Movies Jordan Auslander

- His Wife's Lover www.brandeis.edu/jewishfilm Juliet Burch

- Holocaust Era Jewish Mass Graves in Poland: Discovery & Protection www.Jemglo.org - Ellen Friedland

- Horodok - A Shtetl's Story 1920-1945 Brian Berman

- House of Life - The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague Amazon or www.houseoflifefilm.com or

- In Our Hands: A Personal Story of the Bielski Partisans - Sharon Rennert -

- In Search of Bene Israel Sadia Shepard www.sadiashepard.com/films.html

- Lest We Forget: South African Jews and Reconciliation Robyn Aronstam

- My Mexican Shiva www.emergingpictures.com/my_mexican_shiva.htm or Netflix

- No.4 House of Our Lady Judy Maltz -

- Obcy VI (Alien VI) Ms. Kasia Wilk

- On Moral Grounds not available for purchase. Information:

- Passages Gabriela Böhm - www.bohmproductions.com

- Philly Hoops Jim Rosin

- Saved by Deportation Robert Podgursky -

- Tak for Alt- Survival of a Human Spirit www.takforalt.net or

- Terpe Kind Mains, Terpe - Persevere, My Child, Persevere: The Journey of Composer Jeff Hamburg Ilja Roomans

- The Believers: Stories from Jewish Havana

- The Holocaust Tourist www.brandeis.edu/jewishfilm Juliet Burch

- The Last Jews of Libya www.brandeis.edu/jewishfilm Juliet Burch

- The Longing - The Lost Jews of South America Gabriela Böhm -

- The Partisans of Vilna - www.brandeis.edu/jewishfilm Juliet Burch

- The Rise & Fall of the Borscht Belt - Peter Davis

- The Sleeping Book -

- The Tree of Life www.ruthfilms.org - Ruth Diskin

- Toyland - Georg Gruber

- Vienna's Lost Daughters -

- We Were Exodus - Amélie Garin-Davet

- Who Do You Think You Are: Esther Rantzen and Zoe Wanamaker (not yet for sale) Berenice Robinson

For all other questions or suggestions for 2010's edition, contact Pam.

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