23 August 2009

DNA: The 'last days of summer' sale

FamilyTreeDNA.com is offering a deep clade sale for orders placed and paid for by September 4. This test helps make researchers' history and migration patterns clearer. The information appeared in the newest "Facts & Genes" company newsletter.
Recent interest in Deep Clade testing on our featured Haplogroups (E, G, H, I, J ,N, O, Q, R) has been brisk as more and more people take advantage of the newly discovered SNPs, both from SNP chips and Family Tree DNA’s “Walk Through The Y-Chromosome" program.

As we more tightly determine the specific terminal SNP for each person, your history and migration patterns becomes a little clearer. This information can also be used to improve Y-DNA matching.

If you want to learn more about SNPs, click here.

Later this year, the company will begin to use SmartMatching on Y chromosome matches, which will eliminate evolutionary convergence. What? Here's the explanation:

For example, if you are confirmed to belong to haplogroup J1e, and you match another person confirmed to be J2 or J1a, you cannot have been related to them within many thousands of years. SmartMatching eliminates these matches from your list as they are excluded as potential relatives within a genealogical time frame. When we employ SmartMatching on the Y chromosome your number of matches may decrease, but the quality of the matches that remain will increase.
Reseachers who determine their Y-DNA Deep Clade haplogroup assignment will benefit more from the SmartMatching system.

According to the company, this will be the summer's final discounted promotion, so take advantage of 20% off all Deep Clade tests and all extensions/upgrades for Y-DNA SNPs.

The sale price for the Deep R Clade test is $71.20, regularly $89., while the Deep Clade Extension Test (an upgrade for those who previously tested their Deep Clade) is now $31.20, regularly $39.

See the FamilyTreeDNA.com site for more information.

In its database, Family Tree DNA now has more than 257,000 test result records; more than 162,000 Y-DNA records; more than 95,000 mtDNA records; and and more than 5,500 Surname Projects (with more than 87,000 surnames). Since the company was founded in 2000, it has processed more than 500,000 Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, including its own customers as well as those for the National Geographic/IBM Genographic Project.

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