03 July 2009

Philly 2009: Free Internet and more

Philly 2009 attendees staying at the Sheraton hotel will receive free Internet access in their guest rooms.

TIP: This usually means one cable connection. Hotels may want a hefty deposit for a splitter and second cable which will enable two computers to connect at the same time. Another way to go is a device that connects to the cable and makes the room wireless. We had that in Chicago - courtesy of our roommate Hilary Henkin - and three of us worked merrily away with no problems.

The Thursday night banquet includes the IAJGS Achievement Awards and entertainment by Yisrael Campbell. Additionally, there will be drawings for three four-hour research blocks donated by Jordan Auslander (US), Michael Goldstein (Israel) and Anthony Joseph (UK). Deadline for banquet sign-up is July 19.

Remember to sign up for the breakfasts, SIG lunches, workshops and tours. Some workshops are already full, at least one breakfast (Ukraine) is nearly full, so don't be disappointed.

For all conference details, go to Philly2009.org.

See you in Philly, where Tracing the Tribe will celebrate its third blogoversary!

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