28 July 2009

Philly 2009: Conference check-in details

As is normal for this annual conference, attendees will be checking in from several days prior to opening day or during the week for day visitors.

Here are the hours for conference check-in or on-site registration:

Saturday, August 1: 9:01-11pm (begins after Shabbat ends)
Sunday-Thursday, August 2-6: 7am-5pm
Friday, August 7: 7am-10am
Registration location: Liberty Ballroom level.

With so many people checking in early, Saturday night registration will be very busy. However, anyone on line before 11pm will be registered. If you show up later, you'll have to come back Sunday morning, so plan accordingly.

There will be six registration lines, so things should go smoothly.

Also, no tickets will be sold Saturday night. To purchase available tickets, attendees must return Sunday afternoon.

Remember: Bring a government-issued photo ID to register.

Did you order a printed syllabus or an extra syllabus CD? After you register, visit the special table to pick up those items.

See you in Philly!

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