31 July 2009

JewishGen's new look

If you haven't accessed JewishGen.org recently, be prepared for its new look. You might think you're looking at Ancestry.com.

This is understandable as per the relationship of JewishGen and Ancestry (which figures prominently at the top of the page, "Powered by Ancestry.com").
For those who prefer the traditional JewishGen look, just click the photo on the new design. The traditional JewishGen logo and top bar still appear on the site's interior pages.

Site stats have been updated to include 1997-2008's numbers.

In the past, requests for these numbers were met with such answers as "that's proprietary information" or "we don't give out those numbers." During other years, the stats were updated publicly, so it's good to see that the update is now public once again.

Here are a few examples (data is unavailable for some years) comparing some of the major components:

JewishGen users
2004: 115,556; 2008: 366,693.

JewishGen Family Finder
Submitters: 1997: 7,400; 2008: 85,400.
Entries: 1997: 61,400; 2008: 437,470.
Searches: 1997: 365,677; 2008: 9,590,822.

Family Tree of the Jewish People
Submitters: 1998: 235; 2008: 3,708.
Searches: 1999: 184,245; 2008: 2,365,815.

Yizkor Book Project
Books Online: 1997: 9; 2008: 490.
Translations: 1997: 9; 2008: 873.
If you are new to Jewish genealogy, do check out the many valuable resources available.

Happy hunting!

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