15 July 2009

Introducing Tracing the Tribe's logo

Tracing the Tribe is tickled pink, blue and green to introduce our new logo.

It was designed by my geneablogger colleague footnoteMaven. Her creation illustrates exactly what Tracing the [Jewish] Tribe focuses on: helping readers learn how to add leaves to all their branches and trees.

As a firm believer in simple logos, footnoteMaven's idea is exactly that. Any logo that takes 15 minutes to explain is not a good graphic.

Read footnoteMaven's blog here.

A color scheme change will eventually take place at Tracing the Tribe to accommodate the new graphic.

Thank you, footnoteMaven, for this major mitzvah (good deed, Hebrew)!


  1. Mazel tov! I love the new look!

  2. Beautiful, Schelly! And well done, fM!