05 June 2009

SephardicGen: Morocco riot victims database added

Just a few weeks after the State of Israel was established on May 14, 1948, riots broke out in Oujda (northeast Morocco near Algeria) and Jerada (some 60km southwest of Oujda).

On June 7, in Oujda, five Jews were killed and many were wounded. The next day the trouble spread to Jerada where 100 Jews lived. There, 38 were murdered including entire families, and many were wounded. Property damage was of course significant and police forces arrived too late.

According to historians, the causes were political and social.

Information on the names of the victims was difficult to find. In a rabbinical book titled "And Solomon Awoke," Mathilde Tagger found funeral orations listing the names and prepared a database.

This new database on SephardicGen.com memorializes the victims. Search the new database here and read more about the riots and the causes.

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