20 June 2009

Poland to publish names of dead

Historians are set to publish an online list of some of the estimated six million Polish citizens - including three million Jews - who died at the hands of Nazi Germany during World War II, according to an AFP report here.

The initial list will include some 1.9 million names, said Polish historian Andrzej Kunert, who added that there will be an appeal to Internet users to provide additional details.

Some six million Poles are believed to have died during the 1939-1945 Nazi occupation, which includes some three million Jewish Poles.

The list is the result of three years of research and database analysis. It includes Holocaust victims, Poles who died in combat in the resistance at home and fighting the Nazis under Allied command, and civilian victims of German reprisals.

Kunert said the next step is to expand the list to some 3.5 million names, via German archival research.

The 10-year project is funded by Poland's culture ministry and the Institute of National Remembrance (established 1998) to investigate historical crimes.

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