16 June 2009

Philly 2009: Register now for optional events

Readers have been following along with all the Philly 2009 conference updates on programs, lunch events, tours, computer workshops, welcome dinner, banquet and more.

Now you can register for these optional events. All have now been included on the conference site.

If you've already registered, you just need to update your registration. Remember that the special interest group luncheons fill to capacity very quickly, as do computer classes and other elements. Don't be disappointed!

The deadline for ticket purchase is July 19, and the same date holds for a full refund if for some reason you wish to cancel an optional program. See the website for more information.

These need to be paid for in advance, and only occasionally are extra tickets available at the conference. Tickets for the optional programs will be in your conference packet when you sign in on arrival.

Tips: Do have a printed copy of the complete program in front of you when choosing optional programs. Then go to the online program and select luncheons, computer workshops, tours, etc. from the drop-down session search menu to see the schedule. Do make sure an optional program does not conflict with another program you want to attend. Do not select two breakfasts or SIG luncheons on the same day. Do check for program conflicts when registering for computer workshops or tours.

And, if you are a voting delegate from your genealogy society, remember that the IAJGS business meeting/election session is usually Wednesday afternoon, so select your programs carefully.

Programs, dates and prices:

Welcome Dinner/Get-Together
7pm Saturday, August 1 ($65)

Breakfast With The Experts
7-8am, $29 for each

Philadelphia Research, Steve Schecter, Mon., August 3
Ukraine Research, Miriam Weiner/Olga Muzychuk, Mon., August 3
Galician Research, Suzan Wynne, Tues., August 4
German Research, Roger Lustig, Tues., August 4
Israeli Research, Michael Goldstein, Wed., August 5
Polish Research, Stanley Diamond, Wed., August 5
ITS/Bad Arolsen Records, Megan Lewis/Jo-Ellyn Decker, Wed., August 5
Lithuanian Research, Howard Margol, Thurs., August 6
New York City Research, Avrum Geller, Thurs., August 6

SIG Luncheons, noon-1.30pm ($39@)
See the online program to learn about speakers.
(Regular/kosher option)

JRI-Poland, Sun., August 2
Belarus SIG, Mon., August 3
Gesher Galicia, Mon., August 3
Latvia SIG, Mon., August 3
Austria-Czech SIG, Tues., August 4
ROM-SIG, Tues., August 4
LitvakSIG, Wed., August 5
Hungarian SIG, Wed., August 5
GerSIG, Thurs., August 6
Ukraine SIG, Thurs., August 6

Awards Banquet, ($85) 7pm, Thursday, August 6.
(Select chicken, fish, vegetarian or kosher meal.)

Computer Classes/Workshops
Two-hour sessions, 25 attendees per class, $25 each

Family Tree Builder 3.0/Basic, Daniel Horowitz, 10am-noon, Sun., August 2
JewishGen Databases, Nolan Altman, 2-4pm, Sun., August 2
Family Tree Maker/Beg.-Int, Duff Wilson, 10.30am-12.30pm, Mon., August 3
Intro to JewishGen, Debra Kay-Blatt, 8.15-10.15am, Mon., August 3
MyFamily/Facebook/Twitter/Social Networking, Crista Cowan, 2-4pm, Mon., August 3,
Publishing Your Own Family Book, Banai Feldstein, 4.15-6.15pm, Mon., August 3
Ancestry/JewishGen, Debra Kay-Blatt, 4.15-6.15pm, Tues., August 4
Family Tree Maker/Adv., Duff Wilson, 10.30am-12.30pm, Tues., August 4
Yad Vashem Shoah Victims' Database, Gail Saini, 8.15-10.15am, Tues., August 4
WORD/WORD Tables for Genealogy, Phyllis Kramer, 2-4pm, Tues, August 4
Genealogy Super Search Engine, Daniel Horowitz, 8.15-10.15am,Wed., August 5
Family Search Website/Beg., Paul Smart, 4.15-6.15pm, Wed., August 5
JRI-Poland/Beg., Robinn Magid, 10.30am-12.30pm, Wed., August 5,
Social Networking/Facebook, Banai Feldstein, 2-4pm, Wed., August 5
Family Tree Builder 3.0/Adv., Daniel Horowitz, 2-4pm, Thurs., August 6
Hands-On Advanced Googling, Michael Marx, 10-30am-12.30pm, Thurs, August 6

Walking tours $15, bus tours $30 or $40, details online)

Colonial Jewish Philadelphia/Walking, 9am-noon, Tues., August 4
Jewish Quarter of Philadelphia/Walking, 9am-noon, Thurs., August 6
Eastern State Penitentiary/Walking, 4-6.30pm, Wed., August 5
Historic Synagogues/Bus, 1-5.30pm, Mon., August 3
South Philly/Bus, 1.30-5pm, Tues., August 4
South Jersey Agricultural Colonies/Bus, 8.30am-4pm, Wed., August 5
Historic Jewish Cemeteries/Bus, 8.30am-1pm, Thurs., August 6
Cemetery Research/NE Philadelphia, 9am-3pm, Sun., August 2
Cemetery Research/Delaware County, PA, 9am-3pm, Mon., August 3

There's a lot to choose from and there's always something to do every minute of the day, so remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The only thing left is to enjoy yourself!

Tracing the Tribe will see you in Philly!

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