22 June 2009

Philly 2009: Holocaust databases available

The Resource Room at the Philly 2009 conference will feature two special databases from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, DC), according to the Resource Room database manager Jan Meisels Allen.

Megan Lewis of the USHMM will bring The Registry of Holocaust Survivors and the Name Search.

The Registry is a copy of the public version and includes photographs - it will be placed on all 28 computers.

Due to the stringent network security requirements of the USHMM, The Name Search database will not be on the 28 computers. However, Megan and her colleague Jo-Ellen Decker will have Name Search on their personal laptops. They will be available according to a schedule to be announced at the conference.

The Name Search has about 5 million names. There are duplicates because of the sources used to compile the list.

Not in the Resource Room: Neither the ITS database nor the Residenten Liste may be taken out of the USHMM or linked electronically to there.

There will be several programs at the conference related to these records. Peter Lande and Megan will speak on the USHMM archival collections other than ITS. Megan and Jo-Ellyn will be the Breakfast Experts one morning on the ITS records.

Check the online program at the conference site.

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