11 June 2009

New Blog: A Lithuanian search

Sophie Davidas is French and lives in Paris. Her grandfather, Naftali Eliahou David also known as Tolia Davidas, was born in Kelme, Lithuania in 1910 and lived in Skuodas before moving to France in 1932.

In her mid-30s, Sophie studied engineering in Israel. In July, she and her father Jean-Paul Davidas (Naftali's son) will be travelling to Lithuania.

She started her blog to learn as much as she can about pre-war Jewish life there. She's looking for history, books, webpages, photos, etc. and to connect with other Litvaks around the world to help her understand the life of the DAVID family from Skuodas.

Sophie mentions YIVO, JewishGen, LitvakSIG and other resources and has posted family photographs. Additionally, she writes about the Lithuanian Jewish Community's organization of the third World Litvak Congress in August 2009. Previous events were held in 2001 and 2004.

This Congress's goal is to develop and strengthen contact between diaspora Litvaks and those who live in Lithuania. For more information, click the website of the Lithuanian Jewish Community here.

The site provides interesting information.

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