25 June 2009

FamilyTreeDNA 50% sale extended

Don't miss out on FamilyTreeDNA's fantastic 50% discount for the 37-marker Y-DNA plus mtDNA for $119 (regular price $248). The sale has been extended to June 30.

Can you afford NOT to take advantage of this offer? Make sure to let everyone know.

The extension was announced by FamilyTreeDNA's operations and marketing vice president Max Blankfeld.

This price is a great way to take advantage of genetic genealogy by the pioneer company, known for its quality control and personal assistance, as well as the largest DNA comparative database in the field. And for those searching Jewish ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA has the largest Jewish comparative database to test against.

It is hard to refuse this offer, when you consider that a 12-marker Y-DNA test by itself is $99 as part of a surname or geographical group project. This more than triples the number of markers tested and throws in the mtDNA test as well.

Happy testing!

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