17 June 2009

Family Tree Magazine: Jewish genealogy books

Family Tree Magazine just posted a very useful list of Jewish genealogy books for researchers.

I was very happy to prepare this list for the magazine so that those looking for Jewish ancestors have a concise list of books to start their quest.
Jewish genealogy isn’t easy. Cultural differences, language barriers, religious persecution, forced conversion and genocide have created black holes in every Jewish family’s history. But those roadblocks needn’t stop you from discovering and honoring your past. With these Jewish genealogy books to guide your journey, you’ll find that your family’s ties are stronger than any outside forces.

The books are organized by research focus for easy browsing. Avotaynu sells many of these titles; visit the Web site for more books and resources. You can also search WorldCat to find the title at a library near you.
24 Must-Read Jewish Genealogy Books offers six volumes for beginners, six for Sephardic researchers and 12 for Eastern European and Ashkenazi researchers. On the list are works explaining DNA or Jewish customs, such as cemetery handbooks, history, country resources, Jewish names, gazetteers, etc.

Many books on the list can be found in your local Jewish genealogical society reference library or in public libraries. All are useful, all include bibliographies for further reading and can help you jumpstart your search.

Now you'll have a ready-made wish list to give to friends and family when they ask you what you'd like for a birthday or holiday.

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