06 May 2009

US-version Who Do You Think You Are? No date set yet

Some genealogy bloggers have again jumped the gun with the expected debut of the anxiously-awaited US-version television show, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Although an NBC press release earlier this month listed the show as an alternate series for the fall lineup, no firm date has been set. Lots of things can happen between now and then.

While Tracing the Tribe feels it would be a great show to kick off the fall season, others make the decisions!

Perhaps NBC wants to hype it more before setting a date? Perhaps they really don't know how many people in the US are interested in family history?

On the other hand, they may be working on a companion website and guide for beginners to have the package ready when the series begins? This would be along the lines of the UK-version's show-related information.

Tracing the Tribe hopes the network and the production company are in the process of getting this package ready in time for the show's debut, as it should result in a big jump in family history newcomers seeking information from all sources.

The network knows that family historians and genealogists are waiting for concrete news.

As soon as a firm date is announced, Tracing the Tribe will let you know.

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