25 April 2009

Los Angeles: Health & genetic research, April 26

Genetic testing for Sephardic Jews is part of the program at a free conference organized by the health, wellness and genetic research committees of the Iranian American Jewish Federation.

The event runs from 1-6pm, Sunday, April 26, at Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, 10500 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. The expert panel includes prominent experts (see below).

Among the topics:

- Genetic testing for Sephardic Jews

Since the advent of the Human Genome Project, understanding of the genetic basis of disease has continued to grow rapidly. Learn about the latest advances in genetic testing and about several genetic disorders in the Iranian and Sephardic Jewish communities that can be prevented through preconception screening. Genetic experts will discuss the most common of these disorders, their prevalence in Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jews, and today's clinical approaches to detecting, managing and preventing genetic conditions.

- Fertility Preservation & Treatments

Whether due to health issues or other circumstances, couples who cannot or choose not to have children at the present time, now have options to preserve and extend fertility and have children later in life. Recent advances in technology and medicine people now offer more options. Learn about the most common causes of infertility, the psychological toll on couples and cutting-edge advances in treating infertility.
- Prenatal & Postnatal Care: Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Environmental Perspectives
Research shows that pregnanet women who receive adequate prenatal care are more likely to have healthy babies and fewer complications during labor and recovery. The session will include psychological, nutritional, environmental and traditional perspectives including depression, evaluation and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, nutrition, and environmental factors.
- The HPV Controversy
Young women aged 11-26 (and their parents) are faced with a decision to make regarding HPV vaccination. Listen to experts on this complex and controversial subject, vaccine effectiveness and side effects.
Speakers include:

Michael Eshaghian MD: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility.
Shahin Ghadir MD: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility.
Claudia Mikail MD: Educator, Clinician, Genetics, Disease Prevention, author of "Public Health Genomics: The Essentials," (medical, psychosocial and ethical implications of genomics).
Jennifer Yashari MD: Psychiatrist (women's mental health specialization).
Bahar Sedarati MD: Internal Medicine, Editor and Contributing Author.
Natasha Sedaghat RD: Registered Dietician, Nutritional Science.

The afternoon includes live music and an art exhibit at 1pm, followed by the conference program beginning at 2pm. For more information, visit the Iranian American Jewish Federation website. Click Upcoming Events (upper right tab) to see the flyer, or send an email.

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