29 March 2009

Tracing the Tribe: New features, email alerts

Tracing the Tribe has made some changes to email alerts.

Feedblitz seems to have now gotten its act together and offers some neat features. If you are receiving Feedblitz alerts, you will see this in your mailbox. The color scheme is more like the blog and there's more.

Among the neat features, follow the red arrow to the "sound" icon. Click on the icon to hear a spoken version of that post's email alert.

There is now a way to rate favorite posts - see the outlined stars on the bottom line above. Tracing the Tribe encourages you to participate.

I'm also investigating making each complete post into a downloadable MP3 audio file. Readers would be able to download and listen at their convenience. Podcasts may be next.

Are these features of interest to you? Let me know.

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