04 March 2009

Spain: Girona times, places symposium, March 23-25

Girona is a fascinating city - I've been there several times and never fail to visit the wonderful bookshop at the Bonastruc Center. Later this month, an international conference will take place at the city's Institut d'Estudis Nahmanides.

"Times and Places of Jewish Girona" is set for March 23-25, at the Institute. For more information, see online or email here.

The municipality of Girona published, in 1998, two volumes edited by Dr. David Romano, on the history of Jewish Girona. Titled "Per a una història de la Girona jueva” they include a compilation of the main texts written on topic. I purchased the volumes on my first trip to the city.

Dr. Romano's bibliographic collection of Judaica has been donated to the Patronat Call de Girona and a special presentation will take place on the final day of the conference.

Research has been conducted on this community by national and international scholars over the past two decades. The conference, open to all, aims to make this research accessible, spotlight recent discoveries and historical advances. The cost is 60 Euros and simultaneous translation is available in Catalan, Spanish and English. Register through March 15 online.

I was pleased to read the list of advisory committee members and have met several of them, including Dr. Jordi Casanovas PhD (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), Dr. Joan Ferrer PhD (U. Girona) and Ds. Danièle Iancu PhD (Gallia Judaica, CNRS Montpéllier). Others are Dr. Asunción Blasco PhD (U. Zaragoza), Dr. Dolors Bramon PhD (U. Barcelona), Dr. Javier Castaño PhD (Dep. Estudios Hebraicos y Sefardíes del CSIC), Dr. Eduard Feliu Phd (Societat Catalana d’Estudis Hebraics) and Dr. Josep M. Nolla PhD (U. Girona).

Presenters represent universities in the US, Israel, France, Italy and Spain.

The conference opening is by Jaume Riera of Barcelona's Archives of the Crown of Aragon, on the organization of Girona's Jewish community.

Other topics include:
Studies and archeological elements in connection with the Girona Call, material objects in a Jewish residence, a look at illustrated Sephardic Haggadot, documents and Hebrew fragments in the Catalan archives, the place of Jewish Catalan in the Judeo-Hispanic world, directions in medieval Judeo-Catalan culture, Girona's Jews in the 14th century, The Girona Cathedral and the Jews in the 15th century, Catalan and Girona Jews in medieval Italy, aspects of the social history of Castello d'Empuries Jewish community in the 14th century, links between the Jews of medieval Perpignan and Girona (marriage, family and business), Girona's community in 13th-14th century documents in Vic, Catalan translation of the ketubbah of Asturga and Mair Vidal (Besalu, 14th century), Jacob ben Sheshet and his critique of science and others.

If you will be in the "neighborhood," consider attending this conference. I wish I could be there.


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Tracing the Tribe is the best way for people in Barcelona to know what's happening just 90 kilometers from us !!!

    Thank you Schelly, I'd also like you to be here. Any chance ??

    Maria Jose Surribas

  2. Hi, Maria Jose - I would love to be there but it is impossible this year. Thank you for your always kind words!