25 March 2009

New York: Viva the Anousim Revolucíon, April 2

A senior rabbinical student at The Jewish Theological Seminary, Juan Mejia, will share his personal journey from his Catholic upbringing in Colombia back to the faith of his Jewish forefathers in Spain, before the Expulsion of the Jews in 1492.

In "Viva La Revolucíon: Furthering the Anusim (Crypto-Jewish)Revolution," Mejia will also discuss the current state of the Crypto-Jewish movement, the widespread phenomenon of Latinos everywhere reconnecting to their Jewish roots, and the challenges they face finding a home in the Jewish mainstream.

The program runs from 7-9pm, Thursday, April 2, at the Manhattan JCC, 334 Amsterdam Avenue. Admission: member, $10; others, $15. For more details or to register, click here.

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Dear blogger, I congratulete you for this blog it is very important for all jews but mainly to the Bene-anusim (Bene because it is the traditional Sephardic Pronunciation of Hebrew).Well, I have Portugal and Spanish Jewish origin and I am a Bene-Anus myself. Depending on Israel Rabinate and its Halacha, ALL anusim might "Return", that means CONVERT to Judaism!!! For me it is the same offense to convert as my forefathers had passed in Portugal obliged to convert to Catholicism. So, I will never be a convet because ANY GOY can be a convert jew. According to Rabinate "LAWS" the majority of American Jews would not be considered jews as I have read in Israel sites. There are many reports about the suffering of american jews to get married not having document papers from an Orthodox Jewish Community. An american mother that had fought in Israel war got miraculously a document from a Polish Orthodox Cemitery of her Grand Father(fortunately he had been a Rabbi) after many month of friends help in order to marry another jew. She got the document one day before the marriage. And those that dont get it? even giving their lives to the country will not be consider Jews by the radical and intransigent Rabinate Halacha. The Rabinate is not a "Jewish Vatican" because it does not have a Sanhedrin, the Supreme Religious Council or Court, with 70 elder men, that existed in anciente Israel. The Rabinate Laws are restricted to Israel not to the world!!!
    I am not a radical I would accept a real Return once I had passed by the Brit Milah and got knowledge of Basic Hebrew and Jewish Laws, by a Rabbi that understand the Anusim World. I would be great to Israel and the Jewish World if millions of Anussim in the World enter the Mainstream. The Jewish World would have more power to defend itself. But... the narrow minds do not understand it!!! David