05 April 2009

Music: Just for fun

We've all been working way too hard on genealogy and now so many of us are preparing for Passover. Take a break with some toe-tapping fun. Kick back for a few minutes!

This post is subtitled "music to clean your kitchen cabinets by." Enjoy!

Can you imagine your great-grandparents, grandparents or parents dancing to this?

And after a hard day's work in an archive, should we be singing this one in Yiddish? But which one? Eastern or Western?

Remember Alan Sherman and his parodies? Here's a 1965 bit with Dean Martin and Vic Damone.

There's much more out there, such as anything by Mickey Katz, especially his "Duvid Crocket," with a great line about the Litvaks vs the Galitzianers.

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