10 March 2009

Ancestry Magazine: Preview edition online

Ancestry.com has provided an online 37-page preview edition of the March/April 2009 issue here.

Diverse articles touch on facial recognition and Jesse James, handwriting analysis of ancestral signatures and making a custom family history timeline.

Check out more of the complete issues' articles (and past issue archives) here and past issue archives for articles on many more family history topics.

Other articles in this issue include a wild science timeline, yearbook clues, German geographic initials, along with the latest technology, tools and trends (photo dating, facial recognition technology, name recognition software, online translation tools, handwriting analysis, and geotagging.

It was nice to see MyHeritage.com mentioned in the facial recognition and name recognition software sections.

Do check the archives for articles of relevance to your searches.

By searching for "jewish," I found several articles: Scourges of the 19th Century (epidemics), Jewish Childhood Records (circumcision records, etc.), Roots Recovered (Jewish ancestry and Ancestry's Jewish Family History Collection), Meeting My New Family (DNA testing and genetic cousins), Silence (Holocaust and reconnecting), Visiting History on the Lower East Side (immigration), Is DNA Abolishing Differences or Embracing Them? (by Abraham's Children author Jon Entine, inherited Jewish conditions and more).

In Foreign Languages for Family Historians, Jewish genealogist Rafael Guber is quoted and advises Jewish researchers to learn the vocabulary for vital records in numerous records, and also talks about the value of volumes of rabbinical responsa in tracing family.

In only one (Jon Entine's DNA article) was Sephardic heritage mentioned; he also mentioned Mizrahi origins. Way to go, Jon!

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