16 February 2009

Win two free gen classes? Yes, you can!

Win two free genealogy classes by listening to Genealogy Gems' Lisa Louise Cooke as she interviews Lisa Alzo of GenClass.

GenClass offers practical, information-packed, economical classes for those who want to know more. The topics are diverse, and include two Jewish genealogy classes as well as many other ethnic and general classes.

The core group of Genclass instructors taught online classes with MyFamily.com. When those classes were canceled by the website, Micha Reisel and I gathered many of our colleagues to continue doing what all of us love to do - helping people discover how to research their family's unique history.

Now for the bargain: One lucky listener is going to win not one but two free classes from GenClass.

How can YOU win?

First you'll want to listen to the interview to learn about GenClass. Then go to GenClass to see the classes for March and April and see which will help you in your quest.

Then send an email (to Genealogy Gems) with your name, state and email address. Don't forget to include the topic you'd most like to learn about in 2009 on one of Genealogy Gem's upcoming podcasts. The deadline is midnight, Sunday, Feb. 21.

One lucky winner will be drawn from all of the email entries, and will receive his or her choice of any two classes. Look for the winner on the Genealogy Gems News Blog and Episode 60 of the Genealogy Gems Podcast.

Re downloading the podcast - I had some false starts until I realized it works better if you have iTunes already installed. Read the FAQs to get detailed information - it's very easy to follow. Then subscribe to all the Genealogy Gem podcasts - they'll appear in your Library section.

Click on Podcast 59 to hear about GenClass. Hint: If you're rushed for time, the first section of the podcast is a collection of good announcements and spotlights, and Alzo's GenClass section starts at minute 32.

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