24 February 2009

Oral History Institute: UC Berkeley, August 2009

Learning how to interview is one of the most important skills for genealogists, family historians and others. What are the proven techniques and methodologies? How do we plan a project to gain the information we need?

To help answer these questions, there's a one-week advanced institute on methodology, theory and practice of oral/video history scheduled at the Regional Oral History Office of the University of California Berkeley, August 10-14.

It is designed for academic, independent, public and community scholars engaged in serious research that in some manner utilizes oral/video history and/or interview-based methodologies. Only 30 participants will be accepted, the cost is $800 and and the application deadline is May 1.
Presentations will cover project planning, preparation for interviewing and interview techniques, interview analysis, legal and ethical responsibilities such as copyright and human subject protection requirements.

The goal is to strengthen participants' skills to conduct research focused interviews and to consider the special characteristics of interviews as historical evidence.

Special attention will be given to how oral history interviews can broaden and deepen historical interpretation situated within contemporary discussions of history, subjectivity, memory, and memoir.

Participants will also work in small research interest groups led by faculty with similar interests.
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