23 February 2009

New York: Sephardic music concert, March 7

New Yorkers are in for a treat with the Spirit of Sepharad concert, with Gerard Edery, concert set for 8pm, Saturday, March 7.

The Caravan Ensemble group includes:

Gerard Edery
Moroccan-born singer and guitarist; winner, Sephardic Musical Heritage Award
Amir Vahab
Iranian master vocalist of Persian folk and sacred music
Glen Velez
World-renowned, three-time Grammy Award-winning master drummer, composer
Ara Dinkjian
Foremost Armenian oud virtuoso
Barbara Martinez
Flamenco star dancer, singer and actress
Peninnah Schram
Internationally acclaimed storyteller

A soul-stirring program, The Spirit of Sepharad traces the unique migration of the Sephardim from medieval Spain, across North Africa, to the Middle East and beyond. Combining music, dance, narration and illuminating projections, this dynamic mixed-media performance brings to life all the rich cultural strains of the Sephardic Diaspora.

Featuring an array of virtuoso musicians from multiple disciplines, the CARAVAN ensemble traces the surprising and exotic musical synergies between Christians, Arabs and Jews from Medieval Spain to the present.

This program includes songs and instrumental music of secular and liturgical origin from Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, Syria, Turkey, Ancient Persia, The Balkans, Israel and Kurdistan (then, as now, part of Iran, Turkey and Iraq).

Tickets $35 Senior $33 Multi-Show $30 Student $20

The venue is the Queens Theatre (Claire Shulman Playhouse), in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. For tickets, click here; ($35, senior $33, student $20).

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