07 February 2009

Happy Dance: Put on your dancing shoes!

Fifty geneabloggers have each described the excitement and joy of a first Happy Dance, "be it a rousing rumba or a restrained, elegant waltz," followed by complete and utter addiction to genealogical passion.

Becky at Kinnexions just posted the newest Carnival of Genealogy, focusing on The Happy Dance: The Joy of Genealogy.

This was a great event and I sincerely regret my non-participation describing the first time I saw TALALAY written anywhere, as well as the discovery of an archival document from Spain dated 1353. Oh well. Next time. I had this written in all my calendars, on a Post-It on the corner of my monitor and I still missed participating.

Read Becky's post at the link above, but remember to wear your dancing shoes!

The choreography includes dances based on ship births, immigration, a board message that broke down a brick wall, surname variants, college projects, travel, genealogy conferences, Montreal, genealogy with children, ancestors without names, memes, female ancestors, connecting stories, DNA, hitting the proverbial jackpot, genea-gasms, new cousins, court cases, photos, Germany, phone calls, Indiana and much more.

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate (if it's snowing) or a tall glass of iced tea (if you can see palm trees), sit back and read.

Tracing the Tribe wants to know what prompted your first genealogy happy dance. Write a comment so we can all share in the toe-tapping!

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