06 January 2009

Yemen: Jews relocated to Sana'a City

The Yemen Post wrote that Jews in Amran, Yemen are being relocated to Sana'a by presidential order, where they will receive plots of land and about $10,000 for each of the approximate 50 families.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered an immediate transfer of Jews residing in Amran province's Kharef and Raidah areas to Sana'a city after receiving death threats by unknown parties.

Sources from the ruling party, the General People Congress (GPC) noted that relocation process is underway and was due to start last Sunday especially when Saleh asked Jews still living in Amran province to sell their property and move to Sana'a where the state will provide them with houses and monthly financial support.

This move comes after the recent killing incident which targeted a senior Jewish Rabbi in Amran's grand market. Other Jews also reported constant intimidations by locals and unknown people.

Killing the Jewish Rabbi Moshe bin Yahya bin Ya'aish Al-Nahari drew criticism from international organizations interested in human rights and Amnesty International called, then, the Yemeni government and the Ministry of Interior to protect the Jewish minority in Yemen.

According to the story, the land is in the Sa'wan area, where American and British embassies are located. Last year, Jews of another area (Bani Salem district in the Sa'ada governorate) were also relocated to Sana'a after threats and harassment.

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