22 January 2009

FamilyLink.com: Chief Genealogy Officer sought

What's your dream job?

If you say chief genealogy officer for a major website, you might be in luck.

About 14 hours ago, FamilyLink.com (AKA World Vital Records) CEO Paul Allen used Twitter to tweet that he's "Starting job description for "chief genealogy officer" who will help manage GenSeek--directory of all the world's genealogy sources."

According to ThinkGenealogy.com's Mark Tucker, Allen also confirmed speculation that GenSeek is a partnership between FamilyLink.com and FamilySearch to update the Family History Library catalog with Web 2.0 features, bringing it into the 21st century and beyond. New features will include community provided catalog entries and digitized sources. According to sources, this will be released in the next few months and the job opportunity might be out there before that time - so start work on your resume now.

Know anyone else who is a CGO? Well, there's Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak who became Ancestry.com's Chief Family Historian in January 2007.

Mark is wondering who might take on this new post. Any ideas?

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