26 January 2009

DC2011: Logo contest announced

Calling all creative people!

The 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy is looking for a unique logo for the summer 2011 conference to be held in Washington, DC. The deadline for proposals is March 1.

This post contains recent conference logos.

The winning entry will be used on the website, letterhead, publications and publicity.

The winning design will be announced at the JGSGW Luncheon on June 7, and the designer of the logo will receive a free ticket to the DC2011 Conference Banquet.

Not to second-guess the conference committee, but I think that the designer of such a prominent logo to be used on all conference materials should receive full conference registration, considering what a graphic designer would charge to do this work.

In any case, the logo requirements are:
- Be in the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format
- Be 6” by 6”
- Contain a minimum of two and a maximum of three colors
- Must contain this text: “31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy” and “DC 2011”
- Have a Jewish element
- Have a genealogy/family history element
- Have a Washington, DC element
- May have a theme line.
The Conference Advisory Committee will select the winner based on attractiveness and originality. If no entry submitted by the deadline is suitable, the committee may request additional submissions or request that a submission that meets all of the minimum requirements be modified to create a more suitable choice.

For all contest questions and logo submissions: send them to DC2011_Conference@comcast.net, along with submitter's name and contact details (email, phone). Non-member entries will be considered.

Sharpen your colored pencils! Get set! Go!


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Out of curiosity, what and where is the 2010 Los Angeles conference logo? Or has it not been announced yet?

  2. The general policy for the annual conferences has been to not publicize or announce publicly details pertaining to the following year's conference (except for date and city) until the current year's conference has taken place. Generally, at each annual conference, there is a preview session of the following year's event where the logo and many conference details are announced. Come to Philly 2009 and learn all about LA2010!