02 December 2008

Museum of Family History: New material

Museum of Family History founder Steve Lasky's visit to the 12th annual International Association of Yiddish Clubs conference (La Jolla, California) where he recorded more than 12 lectures, the first lecture is available here: "Growing Up in Czernowitz," by Dr. Julius Scherzer.

Two new video previews - "Return to Ozarow: Mending a Broken Link," and "L'affaire Grynszpan" (this one in French) - are here.

Steve has added a new section - "Yiddish Vinkl Bookstore" - where visitors will be able to both read and hear works by famous authors. Currently, there are two short poems, written and spoken in Yiddish, by Peretz Miransky, a member of the Yung Vilne literary group. See them here. On the same page, read about a Yiddish theatre book by Joel Schechter and a 1940s book of poems by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger of Czernowitz.

The final chapters of the Maurice Schwartz biography - "Once a Kingdom" - is now available here.

View a grounds map for Washington Cemetery (Monmouth Junction, New Jersey) and Dalton Cemetery (Scranton, Pennsylvania). Map page links can be seen under Cemetery Project on the Site Map page.

A new project will memorialize the Jews of Szczekociny, Poland. Steve reports that he already has information on cemetery restorations in Losice and Wachock, Poland, the reopening of Warsaw's B'nai B'rith Lodge, the Lodz Ghetto Liquidation 60th anniversary commemoration, and the future Vilnius Jewish library of Vilnius.

Whenever you check out the museum's site, look at Recent Updates and 2008 Updates for information as Steve adds it online. Those links are found on the Site Map page.

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