06 December 2008

France: GenAmi 46 journal articles

From Micheline Gutman in Paris comes news of the contents of the new issue of GenAmi's journal.

- The call for papers for GenAmi's one-day seminar on March 12, 2009. The event includes lunch and the organization's annual meeting.

- The Jews of Argentina by Paul Armony z'l of Buenos Aires. Cover art is the city's Caminito neighborhood.

- A list of students, who received prizes in 1940, of the Buenos Aires' French College.

- An article on writer Rene Goscinny (who grew up in Buenos Aires), creator of
Asterix, Lucky Luke, the Dalton, Petit Nicolas, illustrated with original photos and drawings. His ancestors and family are also detailed. Goscinny was born in France to a father from Warsaw and a Ukrainian mother (daughter of Abraham Beresniak who authored a 1941 Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary).

- A study of the Jews at Gray in Haute-Saone, an important 19th century river town. Several lists are included.

- The Lyons family from Alsace to San Francisco in 1853. Born in Dijon, Hugues Joseph David went to California with his second wife and children. He was a Paris jeweller but in Sonora, he became a wine and alchohol dealer. A branch returned to France, others stayed in California, a daughter married into the Joseph family (Montreal).

- An article speaks of children and both new and old problems. It addresses the situation of those who do not know one or both of their parents for various reasons: the Shoah, adoption, new fertility methods.

- Other items address the wife of London's Moses Oppenheim and research about the van Oven family.

- The Jewish cemetery of Koenighoffen, Strasbourg: an article (with photos) discusses three registers. One is computerized (free online access to GenAmi members), as well as various documents, civil records, cemetery records, etc.

For more information, click on the GenAmi website.

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