04 November 2008

Tel Aviv: Italian Jewish Studies, February 2009

The Israeli Association for the Study of History of Italian Jews is organizing its first annual conference on February 25, 2009, at Tel Aviv University.

It is billed as an opportunity for researchers of different fields to meet and present recent contributions to all aspects of history and culture of Italian Jewry.

Lectures are 20 minutes, followed by discussion. The deadline for proposals abstracts and applications is 1/12/2008. For more information about the conference, email associazione.assei@gmail.com.

Reminder to Tracing the Tribe readers: This is a perfect example of why genealogical formulas for recording dates are better.

Because this is coming from Israel, that deadline could be 1 December 2008, in the European style of day-month-year. But the conference's co-chair is at Brandeis, so it could be the American January 12, 2008, month-day-year, which of course is long past, so that pretty much indicates it is the European style.

I just thought we could all use a reminder in how to record dates so that they will be immediately understood by everyone and won't require any protracted discussion.

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