22 November 2008

Museum of Family History updates of interest

Steve Lasky of the Museum of Family History shares this month's updates:

Zionism in Europe: 12 pages dealing with the various Zionist youth movements that existed in Europe pre-World War II, e.g. the Betarim, Hashomer Hatzair, the Gordonia, Maccabi Hatzair (sports), Yugen Freiheit, Poalei Zion, Hapoel Hatzair, and the Hachalutz pioneering movement.

Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger was a fourteen-year-old poet, a native of Czernowitz, Ukraine. Tragically she perished in a Nazi SS camp in December 1942. Fortunately we are blessed that her many works survived.

Walk in My Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust: Istvan Katona from Kartal, Hungary, was in Buchenwald and Mauthausen.

Yiddish great Maurice Schwartz's biography, next four chapters in the series. The final chapters will appear next month.

Works-in-progress: Exhibition devoted to the city of Czernowitz, Ukraine. Steve is hoping to announce in December that some transcripts will be ready to view as part of the Education and Research Center (ERC) Lecture Series.

Thank you to Steve for doing such a fantastic job with his Museum of Family History. Jewish genealogy is always thankful for those individuals who develop a concept for an innovative offering and run with it, thus enriching the lives and research of so many people around the world.

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