22 November 2008

Humor: Top 10 worst family heirlooms

As noted previously, I am catching up with reading email and my favorite gen blogs, such as Chris Dunham's Genealogue postings, such as this one from November 10.

Thanks, Chris - I really needed a chuckle or two during the last week!

The Genealogue's top 10 worst family heirlooms:

10. Open jar of mayonnaise.

9. Great-grandparents' bondage gear.

8. Toenail clippings.

7. Predisposition to public flatulence.

6. Grandpa's place on the couch.

5. Credit card debt.

4. Live hand grenade with missing pin.

3. Vintage roadkill collection.

2. Grandma's secret crystal meth recipe.

1. Autopsy photo album.

Read The Genealogue regularly for more of Chris' insights!

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