22 October 2008

New Blogs: Graveyard Rabbits

Fellow geneablogger Terry Thornton, the author of Hill Country of Monroe County, has added a new blog to his projects: Graveyard Rabbit of Hill Country. He is the founder of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits (GYA), complete with logo by our talented colleague footnoteMaven (left), founding member of the new association.

The GYA membership requirement is to write about cemeteries, preservation, restoration, grave markers and burial customs. For the most detailed info and the invitation to join the GYA, click here for the post on footnoteMaven's blog.

To learn more about the name and its origins, click on Terry's first post about the new blog here.
It is my hope that the charm of the graveyard rabbit continues to hold --- and that you will join me in this association of geneaBloggers and start writing a blog devoted exclusively to cemeteries, grave markers, burial customs and thus promote the study of cemeteries, the preservation of cemeteries, and the transcription of genealogical/historical information that is written in cemeteries.

May graveyard rabbits spring up everywhere to assist in this task.

Other posts on the newly created blog: "Looking beyond photographs taken in a cemetery" here, and "Tombstone genealogy . . . Getting to the back of things" here. For more information, email Terry.

According to footnoteMaven's post on October 20 here, there are 17 GYA members - I'm sure there will be more:

Terry Thornton: The Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill Country (Mississippi USA)

Founding Member:
footnotemaven: Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit (Washington USA) go to WWGYR to pick up your official badge/logo

Charter Members:
Bob Franks: Graveyard Adventures in Itawamba County (Mississippi USA)
Randy Seaver: South San Diego County Genealogy Rabbit (California USA)
Wendy Littrell: The Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County (Texas USA)
Denise Olson: Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek (Florida USA)
Jessica Oswalt: The Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit (Michigan USA)
Kathryn Lake Hogan: The Essex County Graveyard Rabbit (Windsor, Essex County, Ontario, Canada)
Janice Tracy: The Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County (Mississippi USA)
Amy Crow: Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio (Ohio USA)
Julie Cahill Tarr: The Chicagoland Graveyard Rabbit (Illinois USA)
Julie Cahill Tarr: The Graveyard Rabbit of Bloomington-Normal Illinois (Illinois USA)
Sue Edminster: The Graveyard Rabbit of North Snohomish County (Washington USA)
William Morgan: The Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit (Florida USA)
Midge Frazel: Granite in My Blood (Massachusetts USA)
Henk van Kampen: The Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
M.Diane Rogers: The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada (BC, Canada)

I'm sure there will be more.

Nu? So where's the Jewish Graveyard Rabbit? Who's up for the challenge? I have some people in mind and have emailed them, asking them to consider. Where are our Jewish cemetery experts who would welcome this? I'd be glad to participate and will be happy to provide blogging assistance to someone or someones who take up this idea!


  1. Schelly, Check out ARNEVET BETH OLAM --- The Graveyard Rabbit of St. Louis! John Newmark is a new member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits --- and has posted his banner description explaining the approximate meanings of "Arnevet" and "Beth Olam."

    Thank you so much for this wonderful publicity --- there are several new Graveyard Rabbits since your list was posted; rabbits are popping up so fast it is hard to keep trace of them! I do hope you can join us at the association --- you would be such an asset to the efforts of the group.

    Again thanks for the links, the mention, and the challenge --- perhaps there will be other "ARNEVET BETH OLAM" bloggers amongst us thanks to you and John.


  2. I have just set up Jewish Graveyard Rabbit at http://jewishgraveyardrabbit.blogspot.com. This will be a team effort with several writers and an international scope, not limited to one locality. Any Tracing the Tribe readers who would like to participate with cemetery related postings on the Jewish Graveyard Rabbit blog should let me know at jgrarab@yahoo.com

  3. John Newmark's Arnevet Beth Olam for St. Louis, Missouri can be found at http://arnevetbetholam-stl.blogspot.com/