21 October 2008

Museum of Family History seeks Sephardic presence

I was happy to see Steve Lasky's posting on the discussion group at Sephardim.com, which holds a wealth of Sephardic resources, including the major Sephardic Name Search, compiled from many major published resources.

Steve, for those who do not already know him, is the dedicated creator of the online Museum of Family History, currently a treasure trove of Ashkenazi and Eastern European resources.

Steve writes on the Sephardic site:
As many of you know, I am the founder and "director" of the virtual (internet only) museum of Jewish family history. It is meant to honor and preserve the memory of our Jewish families for the present and future generations. I was very pleased that, two months ago, I received the IAJGS Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Jewish Genealogy."

Up to this time, the "Museum of Family History" has, for the most part, lacked a significant Sephardic presence. I have always wanted to include a good deal of representation of Sephardic Jewish history, but I've never had good contacts to do so. I hope this forum will change that.

I am looking for photographs (family and otherwise), mostly taken anytime before the end of World War II; also stories, testimonies about the Jewish experience. I am looking for audio and video, as my site is very multimedia.

It would be nice to talk about Sephardic life over the past 200 years (or more) in both an historical and personal context. I am also looking for those who are willing to write about Sephardic life, etc., even as it exists today where you live, as this would expedite the inclusion of Sephardic material on my site, and would make it more participatory, which can only be a good thing. It might even encourage others to follow suit.

I look forward to hearing from some of you. If you have any questions, just ask.

For those of you unfamiliar with my site, the best overview is via the Site Map page.

If you have resources to provide or questions to ask, email Steve.

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