08 October 2008

Museum of Family History - Newest holdings

Steve Lasky, founder of the online Museum of Family History, is a busy guy. There's always something new or an updated feature. We always wonder how he finds time to get this done. Steve is one of Jewish genealogy's most dedicated and inspired people. Take some time to see the resource he has compiled.

Here's his latest update:

1- Cemetery Project:
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Glendale, New York, with more than 88,000 burials, has created a searchable database. This is the seventh such searchable database in the New York area (including Mt. Moriah Cemetery in New Jersey.; the total is some 700,000 burials. For information and links to all of those websites, click here.

2- Great Artists Series:
The famed tenor and hazzan (cantor) Richard Tucker is the fifth artist in the series. Read all about him - and listen to recordings from Turandot, I Pagliacci and Tosca - here.

Steve notes that so far five male artists have been honored, but he welcomes suggestions on which female artists should be included in this series. Read the series description here and nominate an artist.

3- Education and Research Center:
The non-profit DNA Shoah Project is working to build a global genetic database of Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren in an attempt to match displaced relatives, provide Shoah orphans with information about their biological families and eventually, when the database has reached sufficient size, assist European governments with the identification of Holocaust-era remains that continue to surface. Read more here.

4- Research Groups:
A page has been created that lists and provides links to all material on the site about Hungary. country of Hungary.

An informational page for Balassagyarmat, Hungary researchers is being compiled. Steve invites readers with connections to this community to forward any information on your Balassagyarmat families for inclusion on that page.

5- Postcards from Home:
More pre-war family photos have been added from these European locations: Belarus: Brest-Litovsk; Hungary: Balassagyarmat; Lithuania: Vilnius; Sweden: Stockholm; Ukraine: Czernowitz.

6- The Synagogues of Europe, Past and Present:
See synagogue photos from 16 countries and more than 110 towns here.

7- Yiddish Actors
The only biography about Yiddish acting, "Once a Kingdom," about Maurice Schwartz is presented exclusively to Museum viewers. Chapters 32-39 have been added; the final chapters will be online in December.

8- Search Engine:
Steve reminds visitors that the site has a helpful, though rudimentary search engine. Click here to learn more. He is always available to answer questions, receive suggestions and more. Contact him here.

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