02 October 2008

Iranian Jewish cookbook planned

In Southern California, Tannaz Sassooni is planning a book of Iranian Jewish recipes and kitchen stories. Readers of Tracing the Tribe with Iranian ancestry are asked to spread the word among their immediate and extended families around the world.

I'm delighted that she is working on this project, and I am sure that many people will contact her with stories and recipes.

Writes Sassooni,

The Iranian Jews have a rich kitchen culture, and each region of the country has its own culinary tradition, with recipes that are not seen anywhere else. Dishes like gondi Kashi and the Mashhadi chelo-nokhodab, or the beloved abgoosht-e-gondi, are culinary treasures that need to be documented before the recipes are lost. Iran’s Jewish population is also responsible for the nation’s wine and spirits.

Sasooni is interested in conducting interviews, over the phone or in person, in English or in Farsi, with the people responsible for feeding their families every day, following traditions passed from generation to generation, and knowing
without the help of any cookbook how to make delicious feasts for Shabbat, holidays, and even weeknight dinner.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of this unique history, I recommend that you email Tannaz Sassooni, who also writes a food blog, allkindsofyum.com .

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