25 October 2008

Canada: Woman traces ancestry to 700AD

A Belleville, Ontario paper carried a story that belongs in the "skeptic" category - if I had one.

I kept thinking it was just a typo, and the story said nothing else about these deep roots.

The roots of Linda Harris' family tree are deep, so deep in fact the Belleville woman has not only been able to trace her ancestry back to 700 AD, but learn some of her forebears were prominent Belleville citizens, too.

For the past eight or nine years, Harris has used the Internet as a tool to investigate her heritage and look for ancestors for both she and her husband's families. It's a time consuming hobby which has lead her across the world wide web and has allowed her to resurrect a number of interesting people.
Read the complete story at the link above. Even a casual reader would think that if she had traced family back to 700 AD, the reporter might have been curious and written more about it.


  1. Anonymous3:12 AM


    I agree. Tracing the family to 700AD IS the story...not some local school teacher in the mid 1800s. I would have asked a few questions about that...


  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    My husband has a line that goes back to Hugh Capet of France (brother of Charlemagne, I think?). That's if one is willing to accept a lineage posted on the internet without any kind of documentation.