02 September 2008

UK: JGSGB Conference, Oct. 26

Last year's Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain's annual conference - in London - was an excellence experience with a large interested audience.

The 15th annual event will be held Sunday, October 26, announced
JGSGB chair Laurence Harris, who added that three major experts will be:

- Dr. Nick Barratt, consultant genealogist and presenter of the BBC Who Do You Think You Are? series. He will speak on Family History and the Media.

- Sharon Hintze, director of the London Family History Centre, will cover Jewish Family History Resources on Exhibition Road (The London FHC) and through FamilySearch (including records such as the major London synagogues of the early-mid 19th century and the Knowles Anglo-Jewish Collection)

- Else Churchill, genealogical enquiries officer of the Society of
Genealogists will cover Resources for Jewish Family History at The Society of Genealogists.

Brian Godfrey of JGSGB will also speak on how - with nothing but a 1944 birth certificate, adoption papers and a vague East End address - he was approached by a stranger who had been adopted by non-Jewish parents, to help unravel her Jewish past. With nothing other than her 1944 birth certificate, adoption papers and some vague notion of an address in the East End, Brian will explain the techniques he used to solve this mystery. An emotional story with lots of surprises along the way.

Other sessions include Q&A sessions with a panel of experts on the future of genealogical research; lunch with experts (discuss research with an expert genealogist at your table).

Lunch will be fish or vegetarian, with morning and afternoon refreshments.

A genealogical fair and the JGSGB Library access will round out the day. Early registration (by October 7) costs 30 pounds; afterward, 35 pounds),

Because this event often sells out very early, it is strongly recommended to reserve now (at least by October 7) or face possible disappointment. Until that date, the cost is 30 Pounds, and the price will increase to 35 Pounds for later reservations.

For more information, click here for The Conference Newsletter and registration. All other queries: 2008conferenceATjgsgbDOTorgDOTuk - replace uppercase words with appropriate symbols, please).

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