20 September 2008

Southern California Jamboree: 2009

Paula Hinkel of the Southern California Genealogy Society informed me that the dates for this group's 40th annual Jamboree have been changed to Friday-Sunday, June 26-28 2009.

The reason: a mix-up in the hotel's scheduling.

The call for papers has also been extended through September 30.

Paula Hinkle and her team put together a great experience for both attendees and speakers. In 2008, some 1,200 people attended, which makes it the largest "local" genealogy conference in the US.

This year, Jamboree will focus on the British Isles (English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh).

I have participated for two years and hope to be there again in 2009. For more on my experiences, click here.

Jamboree, in addition to a great line-up of well-known speakers, also worked in a popular Jewish track on Sunday with name speakers, thereby attracting conference-goers who might not otherwise have attended.

The conference team's very creative thinking-out-of-the-box also drew the largest number of genea-bloggers to one place, capped by our first-ever Blogger's Summit.

I'm looking forward to next year!

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