22 September 2008

More on MyHeritage and Kindo

Family history is all about connecting families. That's it - in a nutshell.

Today, there's some exciting news to share as MyHeritage has taken this goal a step further with its acquisition of Kindo, the UK-based social networking site. The acquisition will help MyHeritage - with 25 million international members - realize its vision to become the major source for connecting families, or as company executives called it, "Facebook for families."

The result is an easy, fun way to stay connected, organize events, share memories and strengthen ties across geography.

MyHeritage is known for its powerful technology helping families research their histories and stay connected, along with Smart Matching and automatic photo tagging - while Kindo's social networking and marketing expertise will help the site create a larger family network.

According to comments by executives at both companies, the two sites share a common vision for the future of families online.

MyHeritage also gives this pointer to its new photo tagging abilities, which, by all accounts, should be a boon to genealogists, family researchers and others.

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