20 September 2008

Louisiana: Natchitoches Jewish cemetery, video

The Natchitoches Preservation Network has prepared a short video on the town's Jewish cemetery. View it here

The Jewish cemetery in Natchitoches, La., is located on the west side of the 900 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, formerly known as Lee Street. It is roughly an acre in size and is partly fenced.

Along the eastern boundary is a brick wall bearing a plaque stating that it was erected in memory of Adolph Kaffie.

Within the cemetery is lush foliage and numerous large trees, especially oak, cedar, and crepe myrtles.

The Jewish community of Natchitoches, though never large, is nevertheless very old. Its origins date to the time of the Civil War, prior to which a few Jews had settled in the area.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a synagogue functioned at Natchitoches. Today, most Jews of Natchitoches (for several families remain) are associated with the Jewish community of Alexandria-Pineville, some 40 miles to the south. (updated 1995) source: Eric J. Brock, Historic Preservation & Planning Consulting, P.O. Box 5877 Shreveport, LA 71135-5877

For more information, visit the following sites here and here.

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  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I've been attempting to search possible jewish roots by my father's surname "Webb" which is supposed to a anglecized form of the ashnazi webbe, webber, webster for people who weave. I keep running into dead ends with my father's side period. Not many a record.