04 September 2008

Humor: Half of the 10 Commandments

All mothers are Jewish, with slight adjustments for accent, gastronomy and origin. Why do we mothers worry so much? Here's one mother's take on our history.

It seems to me that almost every Jew I know suffers from terminal anxiety. And why not? With a history filled with tsouris we've probably developed a Yiddishe mutation: a W-strand on our DNA for "Worry." Forget Murphy's Law. Chances are his real name was Murphosky and his family taught him: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

Picture it. First day of school. September, 1950-something. Eighty-two degrees. I was polished, brushed, dressed, breakfasted, and school bagged ...

"The school bus will be here in an hour. Take your scarf and mittens."
"But mommy ... it's hot."
"It could snow."

There's more - much more.

But first sit down in a nice comfortable chair - maybe go horizontal on a nice bed (with side rails???) before clicking on the link. Your mother wouldn't want you to fall down and hurt something while you were laughing.

No, I haven't looked up Murphosky using Steve Morse's One-Step, but I'm sure some of my readers will. Do report back if you find Mr. Murphosky!


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