07 August 2008

USCIS: Launch of gen program, August 13

The long-awaited USCIS genealogy program will launch August 13.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services is starting its fee-for-service program which will expedite receipt of records requested by genealogists. It also includes an index search and researchers will get the correct citation necessary to request the records.

Index Search: Using biographical information provided by the researcher, USCIS will search its historical immigration and naturalization record index for citations related to a specific immigrant. This index search service is limited to subjects born more than 100 years ago, or for whom the requester can provide proof of death. Search results (record citations) will be returned to the researcher, along with instructions on how to request the file(s) from USCIS or the National Archives.

Record Copy Request: Researchers with valid record citations (USCIS file numbers), gained through a USCIS Genealogy Program index search or through independent research, may request copies of historical immigration and naturalization records.
Records available include:

- Naturalization Certificate Files (C-files), September 27, 1906-April 1, 1956

- Alien Registration Forms, August 1, 1940-March 31, 1944

- Visa files, July 1, 1924-March 31, 1944

- Registry Files, March 2, 1929-March 31, 1944

- Alien Files (A-files), numbers below 8 million (A8000000) and documents prior to May 1, 1951

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