08 August 2008

Mac users to meet in Chicago

Are you a Mac user?
Do you feel alone in the Jewish genealogy world?

Here's an opportunity to get together with other Mac users at a special Birds of a Feather (BOF) group - organized by Doris Nabel of West Hartford, Connecticut - to meet at Chicago 2008.

At last year's Salt Lake City conference, Doris posted a message on the conference digest - drawing immediate responses - and convened a lobby meeting at the event.

She has used a Mac since 1991 and JewishGen since 2000. Researching her genealogy, she says, has caused her to spend far too much time on both her Mac and JewishGen.

All registered conference-goers who are Mac users and genealogy fans - whether experienced, newbie or considering making the switch to a Mac - are encouraged to attend the meeting, from 9:45-11am on Monday, August 18.

A year ago, as we were a new, informal, and unofficial group, we had dinner twice,and shared our common interests by meeting in wireless hot spots in the hotel between sessions, to eat lunch, and during free evening hours sharing ideas, and schmoozing.

We soon had a name, gen-mac_users-schmoozers, and then a Yahoo group. The yahoo website enables discussions, uploads, questions, and answers; it serves as a forum for members to keep in touch, and, best of all, to grow and make progress.

Questions posted regarding genealogy software, or Mac shortcuts, have resulted in detailed responses. Experienced users have learned from one another, and from new users, too. Members sharing unsolicited hints on the forum inspired others to think about projects they had not even imagined.

The group has even enabled diversion; I will admit to engaging in video chats with BOF friends late in the night, when my tired eyes needed a break.

As a Mac user, I have experienced less support at various conferences. When trying to resolve a situation, I often found it frustrating to discover that I was reinventing the wheel. Now we have a resource for providing assistance.

I look forward to again seeing my gen_mac-users_schmoozers friends in Chicago, and hope to meet many new Mac user/genealogy friends soon.

Whether you are joining the online forum, but won't be in Chicago, or if you wish to attend the BOF meeting, contact Doris: moidameATcomcastDOTnet.
If you will attend the BOF meeting, email her with the following information:
- Name
- E-mail
- Cell phone number
- Hotel in which you are staying
- Level of proficiency as a genealogy researcher
- Level of proficiency as a Mac user
- Subjects you would like to see on the BOF meeting agenda

See you in Chicago!

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